– Robin Williams

“No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.”

Let me take you to an incident happened before 2 years, being closely working with electronics and electrical manufacturers the main hurdle for companies is to decide upon the batteries and finally they end up finding the wrong batteries from the open market.

We Started providing them the right products and solutions for there embedded and IoT devices and it was demand from our clients to offer them online battery supply and design service.

Being one of the founder members of the company, a idea clicked for us let us go to the starts-ups in the field of IoT and Embedded to offer them best and reliable batteries online.

It took us 2 years to design develop and come with this platform and we had faced lot of hurdles in coming to you, but finally we are here to deliver the best battery solutions to you.

Cheer up….!!!

Corporate Culture

“We have a culture where we are incredibly self critical, we don’t get comfortable with our success.”

Thebattstore is Ahmedabad based online store dealing in all types of batteries rechargeable and non-rechargeable with 100% original products. The aim and vision Thebattstore started to provide best quality products to the users directly from the manufacturers. Our main motive is to deliver the best quality product.

At our store we have thousands of replacement batteries which are available for IoT(Internet of Things), Door Locks, Cameras, Smart Cities, Computers, Consumer Electronics, Robotics, Schools, Solar Power Systems, DIY Products, Industrial, Inverter, Car Battery, Burglar Alarm Systems, Emergency Lightning, Power Banks, UPS Systems, Electronics and Electrical Equipment’s, Fire Safety, Marine, Defence, Electric Vehicles, Smart Metering, Utilities, Oil Services, GSM/SPRS Systems, POS machines and many more.

Since finding a branded lithium battery is hard where the market is fully flooded with clone and fake lithium batteries under the name of the branded and famous brands. The batteries are rated same as standard universal batteries but no one gives guarantee about their performance and lifespan.

We don’t only provide customers with a buying option of Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries but also provide the great collection of battery accessories and chargers.

Thebattstore is also providing assistance for finding right battery, cross referencing or battery recommendations for your design our technical team are always available 7 days a week via telephone, email or live chat.

We possess an experienced and dedicated customer service team with years of practice in finding the right batteries, battery packs and other battery related products. It will result in developing custom battery pack design to improve the performance and the reliability of your products.

Our production team can help you to cut your battery costs while improving the battery performance. We have some case studies where we had advised Embedded and Electronics companies to find the best battery for there device by saving the huge cost on the batteries.